4 soul goals 30-01-2015

Peaceful place A ll spiritual traditions in our planet say that the goal of any human being is happiness. Ayurveda and yoga teach that happiness unfolds into four essential areas of our lives.

The soul goals are called "Purushartha" in Sanskrit. "Purusha" being your spiritual essence and "artha", the goal or destination for the embodied spirit.

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1. Artha - material abundance

Dealing with wealth in a way that you have the sense of security and stability that comes from living in a nice home, having a fulfilling job, and enjoying an effortless flow of money in your life. Prosperity here allows you to dedicate yourself to the growth and development of your Light Being by means of your spiritual practice.

2. Kama - sensory pleasure

Kama means "desire". In this context is the sensual gratification of our lives. In order to feel complete, we need to give and receive love, all kinds of love. We enjoy aesthetic and physical pleasures because life on Earth offers an incomparable richness in this way. It is part of Nature.

3. Dharma - cosmic order

Dharma is what upholds, the order that protects and the natural law that maintains harmony in the entire existence. Dharmic lifestyle keeps the balance and wellbeing of all because it is based in the deep understanding that we are one and that other's happiness is one self's happiness.

4. Moksha - liberation

It talks about the most radical freedom that you can ever imagine. Freedom from past conditioning, from the karmic cycles of existence. The freedom of the Self, without any bonds or human restrictions, mental or physical.

I love yoga because it opens multiple gates to the land of evolutionary growth...

Each day it enlightens my path with its beautiful rainbow light. (I hope yours too)

Om Shanti

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