5 questions before the year ends 30-12-2016

d0236fc1b8d4aaa3a6118480bf59529c O n December 31st I usually teach a special New Year's Eve class in which the students and I do a beautiful ritual to let go of the year past and welcome the new one full heartedly. This time I will be traveling but I encourage you to do the following mini-version from your own home.

You might want to keep it simple or bring up the sophistication, it is your choice. Light some candles, practice your yoga asana and meditation before hand or print it and take copies to bring with you to your family dinner. As always, I encourage you to free your creativity, but the hub of the matter is to answer the following questions:

Don't even think about getting to the countdown without answering  these 5 questions!

1. What am I really satisfied and proud of this year?

2. What mistakes have I done?

3. What can I learn from them?

4. What do I let go and not take with me into the new year?

5. How do I want to feel in 2017?

I will do it while in the plane. Will you join?

Holding immense gratitude towards the past year, we open the heart to the new 2017. ¡Namaste!

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