5 supplements for "veg" people 02-12-2016 20161202-5-suplementos-veg " You don't eat meat?? You are going to get sick!‚Äù the same old song‚Ķ There is still a considerate lack of knowledge in regards to the health benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets. It is also true that it is essential to learn how to do it so you can make sure that nutritional deficiencies are not created.   Today, the 5 top supplements that will keep you strong and healthy. Also for omnivores!

Veg. generic term that I use to refer to vegetarians (do not eat meat or fish, some eat dairy and eggs) and vegans (do not eat any food coming from an animal).


Proteins, between 20 and 30 grams per day: think about them in terms or aminoacids that can be taken by combining grains, legumes and nuts. Supplement with a combination of plant based proteins (hemp, spirulina, chlorella, quinoa, legumes and whole grains), bee polen (not for strict vegans) and goji berries.


Vitamin B-12, 10 micrograms daily: since you can't find it in any vegetable, it is important that you supplement, especially if you are vegan. Sprays or drops is how your body integrates it better.


Vitamin D, 8000 IU (international units) per day: the easiest form is exposing 50% of your body to the Sun without sunscreen during 20 minutes. If you don't live in warm climates, take a supplement of high quality D3 vitamin.


Essential fatty acids Omega 3 (DHA, EPA), between 500 and 1000 milligrams daily: The best option is to take Omega 3 from microalgae, nowadays there are very good quality products on the market.


Multivitamins with minerals and enzymes: the best multivitamin is  your diet, but given the fact that the food that we eat doesn't have as much nutritional charge as a century ago, it is recommended to support the body with an organic multivitamin supplement, as complete and as close to the source as possible.

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