9 nights 30-09-2016 img_3474-1 T his year the Indian festival Navaratri takes place between October 1rst and 10th. During nine nights devotees fast and perform rituals to honor the feminine principle that creates and protects the universe. Today I ask Why are they 9? Below you will find the answer to that and I also offer you a ritual to celebrate 9 special nights from your own home. The number nine has had a sacred meaning from ancient times. It is the last of the one digit numbers and the highest. It comprehends all the other ones and it is associated to the idea of perfection and completion. It represents the end of a cycle in the decimal system. It is the number of circles. The synthesis between the three worlds, the trinity. Nine is the creative power (Shakti) that manifests as the material plane of existence. Nine is the number of universal compassion and it is associated with service to humanity. Benevolent and altruistic. It also symbolizes consciousness and philosophy, therefore it is very auspicious for those related to creative or spiritual endeavors. Interesting facts:

Gestation lasts 9 months

9 planets in Vedic astrology

9 manifestations of Durga, tantra-yoga's Divine Mother

9 blessings of the Goddess

9 Rasas, tantra emotions

9 spiritual virtues of Buddha

9 Greek muses

Odisseus wandered during 9 years

9 are the Christian choruses of angels

9 are the fruits of spirit

Ramadan happens during the ninth month

the Novena is a prayer that happens during nine days


During nine nights, from the 1st to the 9th, you can perform this ritual to de Divine Feminine within:

Create a small altar and place the image of a goddess with whom you have an affinity or whose qualities you want to awaken within yourself. Make it pretty adding flowers and incense. Navaratri is full of color and joy. Each night light a candle, look at the image and write in your diary what it means for you, what does it awaken or how you can enhance her qualities. Keep the diary on the altar during the whole nine nights. After writing, meditate silently for a few minutes and show gratitude for her teachings, support and guidance. The morning after the ninth night, remove everything from the altar. Clean it thoroughly and if you feel that a deeper transformation needs to be done, burn the image and the pages that you wrote with the intention of giving continuity to the energy.

May the nine nights of the inner Goddess fill your life with Light, Wisdom and Love.

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