a burrow in your home 28-10-2016 093e0c16b21466560af77241f1fa1af0 T his Sunday is a special day. Not only because it is the new moon and Diwali, the yogic festival that celebrates the triumph of Light, but because we change the clocks to the winter schedule so sunrise and sunset will happen earlier. the long nights are here! This Drop of Light shows how to create the perfect space for retreat that you will not want to leave until Spring comes. You have probably heard about Feng Shuei, the traditional Chinese system that creates harmony in spaces. There is also a yogic discipline in charge of organizing spaces according to natural laws. It is called Vastu, which means "the science of architecture" and it is first mentioned in the Vedas more than five thousand years ago. Autumn and Winter months are colder, the light is dimmer, inviting you to spend more time at home. The energy of these seasons naturally takes you inwards into a place of greater rest. Take advantage of this time to create a space of retreat for you and your loved ones, create a burrow of Light, a matrix where you recharge your batteries and replenish with love. Your home is an external reflection of what happens inside of you, this is why it is one of the themes that we address in wellness coaching sessions. The coziest burrows show:
  • Soft and warm colors that help you root down. Earth tones, stone and bone colors are calming and help you rest.
  • An open space in the middle with cushiony, warm rugs, made of natural materials like wool. In this space you can lie down, stretch, cuddle your children or partner. Play and romp around like little cubs.
  • Blankets and pillows that make yo comfy when you get home.
  • Windows that allow natural light to fill in the space.
  • Interior plants that purify the air: golden pothos, dracaena, peace lilies or rubber plants are just some.
  • Candles and flower essences like vanilla, lavender or incense.
  • Board games, interesting books, crafts... (my childhood girlfriends are all into knitting this season, way to go!).
What a joy to arrive into a warm, Light filled home in the darker days that are around the corner!

Om Sweet Home

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