A humorous touch in your yoga 19-07-2013

imagesThe practice of Joy is not as easy as it might seem! The "normal" stuff is to be serious. We have been taught to look at life from that perspective. I am sure that you have said things like " I am serious about this" or "I am looking for a serious relationship" or "this is not serious business". Personally, it is a challenge for me sometimes. When I pause and look at my thoughts I see that many of them are not happy at all. Thank goodness there is yoga! It helps me to loosen up and take things lightly. :)

Often we think about yoga as something serious as well. Yes, it is magnificent -it's mission is to reveal your authentic nature- but not solemn at all. If all spiritual traditions agree that our essence is Joy and eternal Bliss, then it makes sense that the practice is also happy, like geraniums or buganvillia flowers singing to the Summer light. Don't you think? 

When you laugh, you get bigger, worries dissolve and the heart opens up. Yogis teach about Hasya Rasa, which means  divine Joy and Humor. It is the desire to laugh for no apparent reason, or even jumping and celebrating for hours. Yoga's humor is innocent, not sarcastic or directed to hurt others. On the contrary, Hasya unites, creating bonds of friendship and love.

 Many masters have told us jokes in order to bring us to a higher state of awareness. Yoga with a humorous flair can take you very far into your spiritual practice.

  • Humor takes us beyond the differences. When two people laugh together the most beautiful bonds are created. It dissolves the duality between "you" and "I" or between good and bad. In¬†Hasya we can experience the state of cosmic unity shared by all of us.
  • It is a gentle slap in the ego. When you go to yoga class try to laugh at your self a little, especially when you can not do something or when you compare yourself to others. Looking at yourself with a sense of humor will relax your body and mind, plus, you will perform your asanas much better.
  • Laughter is the best medicine. It has very positive effects in your health: strengthens the immune system, gives you a boost of energy and protects you from the negative effects of stress.

I have never seen myself as a funny girl but I like to laugh happily at myself. it makes me feel light, luminous and eternal.

Laugh from the bottom of your soul this week. Thanks for reading!!!


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