a lion in your belly 14-10-2016

unknown W hen was the last time that your were hungry, your stomach roaring? Being hungry is very healthy and necessary for the digestive system. Years ago, eating schedules were strict, but things have changed quite a bit and you can find a place to eat at any time of the day, supermarkets are open twenty four hours and many places sell chocolates, chips and a million frankenfoods. It might be because in the city were I live there are many tourists, but in the streets I see people eating all the time! Today, 5 ayurtips about healthy (and slimming!) eating.

One of the things that you learn in Radiant Living, my health and ayurvedic lifestyle program, is that in order for the digestive fire to shine brightly, we must respect the fasting periods throughout the day. If you introduce food in your body constantly, it can not be metabolized  and it gets stored as toxic residue. Lets say that it creates a jam in your system that might lead to very serious imbalances.

Healthy fasting through the day

1. Fast at least 12 hours a day every day: if you eat dinner at 7:30pm, do not eat again at least until 7:30am.

2. Eat 3 meals per day, the biggest one should happen at midday. Eat a lighter dinner and have breakfast only if you are hungry.

3. Eat only when you are hungry and organize your schedule. It takes time to reeducate your sensations. In a scale from 1 to 10, in which 1 is totally empty and 10 is totally full, eat when you are at 3.

4. Do not count calories, count nutrients and, yes, eat healthy and whole meals at the right times.

5. Stay hydrated. Drink two liters of clear water through the day. Often times we mistaken hunger with thirst.


- It balances the hormonal system.

- Reduces inflammation.

- Slows down aging.

- Maintains your weight stable and it helps you to loose the extra pounds.

- It enhances your sensitivity towards food.

- Awakens your appetite for life and makes you enjoy eating a lot more.

Practice the recommendations and let me know how it went. One of the things that help us, you and me, the most is to keep the dialogue open and alive.

Happy week and roar! Shanti, Shanti

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