A star supplement for my Spring detox 31-03-2017 E very Spring I undergo a 21 days detox program and this year I am going to add into my purifying routine a supplement that is new for me but that is as old as the birth of the Earth. Curious to know what it is?  This Spring detox 2017 I say hello to active carbon. Black and totally non appealing, but it has been used as a purifying agent since ancient times. It works like a magnet to the toxins and chemical residues that are in your body because these literally stick onto its porous surfaces. It has numerous benefits like:

It purifies the liver, getting rid of chemicals like pesticides and heavy metals that you have accumulated for decades.

Supports the kidneys and all organs in charge of elimination.

Cleanses the digestive track, strengthening the immune system and preventing allergic reactions.

Is used as an antidote for many poisons and in drug overdoses.

Reduces bad colesterol.

Alleviates gas and bloating.

It is also used as a teeth whitener and for preparing facial masks that purify and clear the skin.


Buy it in specialized health food stores and choose a carbon supplement that is made of coconut bark or high quality woods.

During the time that you take it, drink plenty of water because carbon can be dehydrating. It is recommended to drink at least 12 glasses.

If you are taking any drugs, please ask your doctor because active carbon could annul the properties of the drug.

How to take it:

Morning and evening. Between 90 minutes and two hours before or after meals or any other supplement.

*     *     * Detox programs are trendy! A sign that many people have the need to renew and start fresh. If you feel this calling, get in touch with me and I will guide you. Not only you will take years off, but you will also have overflowing energy, a clear mind, inner lightness and outer glow.

Om Shanti

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