A teacher is the greatest gift 30-08-2013


This weekend I celebrate the day I met my teacher, twenty years ago. Yes, she is the lady in the picture above. Today she is retired from public teaching but her presence is alive within my heart. You can never know how things would have been if this or that would have not happened, but in my case I can say that the path wouldn't have been so deep, conscious or authentic. Neither it would have been so full of radiant love, beauty and celebratory chant towards the whole existence.

In Sanskrit, "guru" means the weighty one, or the one whose light shines more. Another way of understanding the word is "the one who helps you to awaken the inner Light". My teacher has supported me unconditionally during 20 years of uninterrupted practice. Spirituality and yoga were always part of my life but it wasn't until I met her that I really found my path. She taught me the tools and techniques, she held my hand, guided me in the complicated stretches and danced with me during the happy ones. Moment by moment, all loving, she helped me to heal the wounds of the soul, to transform what was heavy and to reveal the profound union between matter and spirit, heaven and earth, God-Goddess within my heart.

Thanks to her presence I know that the Self within is the true guru. Today I continue practicing. The evolutionary path is eternal. I am happy. I flow every day with life, sometimes smoothly, sometimes I resist a little more. There is much to learn but I know who I am, I hold my own vision and I offer myself to existence.  

I feel incredibly fortunate because I couldn't understand life in any other way. Like a loving mother she taught me how to fly and said " Come on, out of the nest, high and free!" and I know that she will always be there for me.

Infinite gratitude towards her and to all the teachers, guides and beings of Light in my life.


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