About light and color 30-11-2012

Have you noticed that we feel different in a sunny day than in a rainy one? Do you sleep as well in a full moon night or in a moonless night? The reason is that our emotional reality is changeable as the environment. In tantra-yoga the essence of emotions is called "rasa", word that it is also used to talk about flavors. We are complete and happy beings only when we give ourselves the freedom to flow with all emotions openly.

Years ago I read something about a very interesting experiment. When we project a rainbow through a prism, a beam of white and pure light is created coming out of the other side (just like in the cover of "The dark side of the moon"). If I remember well, the experiment was about doing it in the other direction: they projected a beam of white light but previously they had taken away one of the color vibrations. The scientists wanted to see if a rainbow without one color would come out through the prism. The result was negative: nothing came out the other way because in order for the white light to decompose in a beautiful rainbow, it needed the vibration of each and every color.

The same way, Tantra yoga tells us that in order to enjoy our human experience, we must color it with all emotional shades available. The sky is not always blue but it is always marvelous. However, it also teaches us how to pulsate with the different rasas without being drowned in them. It is possible to choose the emotions that we want to enhance, it is possible to harmonize them with the circumstances and at the same time, we can allow the least desired ones to pass through us without hurting anyone. The tantra-yogin is fully aware of being Light, Wisdom and Love. This is why he/she can get involved, without fear to get lost, in emotions like joy, peace, happiness, disgust, anger or valor. Everything is part of the same field of conscious intelligence and each emotion adds color and richness to our lives. Once we feel them from the level of awareness, we can make peace with ourselves and happily dance in the lights and in the shadows.

The picture comes from a wonderful book by Peter Marchand called

The Yoga of the nine emotions. 

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Beautiful, inspiring!!! Thank you!!!! Te queremoa J&A&N

Zaira Leal:

Gracias Jaja! Espero seguir inspirando durante mucho tiempo. Om Shanti

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