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Do you remember those old radios with a little wheel that had to be turned in order to sincronize with the chosen broadcasting station? Or the TVs with antennas that had to be adjusted  until they were in the perfect position that allowed a clear image in the screen? It was wonderful to think that there were many waves "floating" in the air and frequencies that could transmit a ton of information, even when we could not see them or listen to them. The reality of the Universe is a lot richer and complex (simple at the same time) than the capacity of our human senses. I am telling you this because we too are receptors of energetic waves that we can't see. All the stuff that surrounds us and all the things that we do create frequencies that influence our state of being. 

Yoga explains that the Universe is pure Consciousness. Everything and everyone form part of the same infinite field of energy and vibration. When the yogis say "all" they mean exactly that. What we consider good and what we think about as bad, the annoying neighbor or the fast food served everywhere are all part of the Supreme. However, each thing creates different waves and resonates within our Self in a different way. Some make us feel positive and happy, others, negative and depressed. We have a subtle energetic body that works as a receiver of all those various pulsations. We can tune in with things that help us in our evolution or with vibrations that do exactly the opposite.   

Sometimes it is difficult to make the choice, especially when there are so many difficulties in the environment. The following  suggestions can ignite a super positive change in your lives:

  • Tune in...
  1. enjoy some silence time every day
  2. breathe deeply and gently
  3. spend time in natural environments (the more the better)
  4. fill your shopping cart with fresh veggies and fruits of all colours
  5. live here and now
  • Tune out...
  1. newspapers and TV news
  2. unnecessary talking, talking about the state of affairs or gossiping
  3. processed foods, frozen, microwavable or canned
  4. being sedentary (get up from the sofa! it only makes things worse)
  5. constant thinking about the past or the future

Happiness is simple, luminous and light. Move your little antenas and sync with it.

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