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It is hot, vacation time is almost here and it is time to plan some kind of trip. Flights, long rides in the car (or any other vehicle that moves fast); AC or changes in your schedule can unbalance the elements air and space in the body. These unbalances manifest as the sensation of "being ungrounded", insomnia, gas or occasional constipation. All these are minor things but can make us feel quite uncomfortable. So, if you have ever put on your favorite dress for a holiday dinner and realized that your tummy was big as a balloon or if you have ever had one of those sleepless nights and your kids in the morning where ready to go on a super trekking adventure, this post is for you.

Ayurveda's tips are simple and easy to carry with you!

1. Morning ritual. Try to keep your morning ritual through your holidays. Here is a post that I wrote about it, I am sure you will love it. You will be able to maintain the regular rhythms in your digestion.

2. Self massage. Before your morning shower, give yourself a massage with sesame or almond oil. Start in the head and finish in your feet. The oil should be a little warm. Use all the surface in your hand, making circular movements over the joints and long strokes over the long parts of your body. When you reach the abdomen make sure that you do it in the same direction as the colon. After you are done, take a shower. This massage enhances the downward movement of the elimination process. It will also make you feel great and your skin will be glowing.

3. Gentle and natural laxatives. There are many natural laxatives available. I like to recommend Triphala, traditional in Ayurveda, or teas made of cumin, fennel or aniseeds. All are gentle and safe. Take them at night, starting one day before your trip.

4. Yoga postures. Practice Sun Salutations, gentle twists and inversions like Viparita Karani (posture with the legs up). Breathe deeply and move more slowly, being part of the Earth.

5. Pacifying diet. Although it is hot, try to avoid food eaten right out of the fridge, water or ice cold drinks, say no to dried foods like chips, saltines of roasted nuts. Favor fruit in season and veggies preferably boiled; eat salads seasoned with a little bit of oil and a few drops of lemon; add a few spoonfuls of rice or toasted cumin seeds to your raw veggies. You can also take fresh ginger tea all day long.

Hmmm, What else?... yes, have fun and celebrate with gratitude!

Practice these ayurtips and, please, leave a comment. I will love to hear how they work for you.

Supper happy traveling this Summer!

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