Ayurtips for healthy eating during work days 03-03-2017 B usiness lunches, eternal days at the office, in the car from here to there until 8 at night? All these situations can ruin our good intentions of eating healthy (and our digestive system too!). One of the questions that I get most often when I teach the ayurvedic welllness and health workshop Radiant Living is how to maintain healthy habits at work. Dig into todays Ayurtips :)

1. Respect your schedule

Try to stick to your schedule because it makes you maintain your daily routine and, if you are far from home, your body-mind will feel that the changes are not as noticeable. If possible, avoid business meetings during meals. In order to assimilate nutrients and for food to be digested properly, you need to eat in a quiet environment. One of the most common reasons of indigestion are heated or stressful conversations. An option would be to call the meeting right after lunch.

 2. Bring it from home

There are more and more people that leave some space in their suitcases so they can pack healthy and nutritious foods. In my case, when I travel, I often times bring nuts and seeds, dehydrated or fresh fruits and vegetables and low sugar protein bars.  This way I can avoid eating in the airports. Don't feel embarrassed bringing your lunch box. At first, your colleagues might look at you a little weird, but if you explain to them that it is very important for your health to be in control of what you eat, then you will be setting a positive example for others. Another possibility is to walk around the area and do some shopping in the nearest fruit and vegetables shop. And you will also be doing some exercise!

3. Customize at restaurants

You can ask kindly for you food to be prepared in an specific way.¬†There are healthier ways of preparing foods, steaming and sautéing something makes it easier to digest. If you order a salad, ask for the dressing to be on the side (most dressings have tons of sugar). Avoid breads, alcohol, trans fats, fried foods, heavy sauces and dessert.

4. Be strong and don't succumb to temptations 

Being tired and stress will make you fall into sugary temptations because they give the sensation of having a false peak of energy. When you feel like having something sweet, breathe deeply for a few seconds, drink water and go for healthier options like a handful of nuts or the classical apple.

5. Stay hydrated

Thirst often times comes masked as hunger. Drink more and snack less. Avoid caffeine, fuzzy drinks or alcohol. If you travel by plain, try to drink water that is room temperature or warm as if you were drinking tea.

Eat healthy, work happy

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