Become a star of compassion 10-06-2016 white_tara_goddess_of_long_life_tr20  W ay more important than the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the one that fills today's message. There is a central practice in Yoga and Buddhism: compassion and White Tara is the goddess that awakens in us that innate desire to alleviate other people's suffering as well as our personal one. She is like a "star" (in fact, it is one of the meanings of her name) because in the face of adversity, in complicated relationships and when we have problems with others she awakens the light of love. It is the same compassion that makes you bring home an abandoned puppy or try to put together the wings of a butterfly, but a lot bigger given that Tara is goddess of Universal Compassion! If you want to know some of her other attributes and learn a practice related to her, read the Zunray Spark Tara, goddess of Universal Compassion


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