Behind the scenes of a super day 20-01-2017

unknown-2 C onfess ;). You too glance over gossip magazines at the waiting room of the dentist office and know who the Kardashians are. Everybody loves to see what goes on behind the scenes and behind any celebs' show, but What hides behind a super yogic day?

The reason why the yogin practices is *spiritual awakening* and when you look at that from the outside, it seems like something magical, but the yogin's ethereal touch, the peaceful glow or the spark in the eye are not caused by any photoshop filter nor by any eyedrops. The cause of all that is Dinacharya, the ayurvedic daily routine that harmonizes you with the cycles of nature.


It sustains your body-mind-soul's natural balance.

It allows the regeneration of tissues, their rejuvenation and keeps stress at bay.

It ensures real and deep success, the true walk on the red carpet.


Get up early, preferably with the Sun and without an alarm clock. Human beings were created to live fully during the day and rest at night.

Brush your teeth and tongue: clean your tongue with a stainless steel scraper, do oil pulling and brush your teeth with a fluoride-free paste.

Drink a big glass of warm water so you can support the morning elimination process. Feel free to add some fresh ginger or lemon.

Refresh your face skin and eyes.

Do a nasal wash or "neti" if appropriate.

Go to the bathroom. It is the right time to do it.

Give yourself a massage with natural oils. Auto-abhyanga is my favorite!

Take a shower.

Move your body and stretch it for a few minutes. If possible, exercise in the morning.


Eat breakfast, make it a light meal and eat only if you are hungry.


Go to work and do your chores.

Lunch time should be the closest possible to the solar midday. Eat always at the same time, healthy, organic, varied and abundant.

Choose seasonal foods and according to your mind-body constitution.

Stay active during the day and spend time in nature.


In the late afternoon and evening, favor quiet activities that inspire calmness and rest.

Meditate a second time, before dinner.

Eat your dinner early, if possible, before sunset. this meal should be light, warm and unctuous.

Go to bed early (10 or 10:30pm) and always at the same time. Once in bed, send your body a message of deep relaxation and breathe gently promoting a night of restful sleep.

As you see, the guidelines are simple, we all can do them. Dinacharya is the most basic lesson in ayurveda and yoga, it is also the most useful. If you want to learn how to establish your own daily routine according to your specific constitutional needs, you can set an appointment with me for a health and wellness coaching session. I will be delighted to help you shine!!


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