"Bhaktize" your yoga 01-03-2013


Photo by German yogini, Christina Valeska http://www.facebook.com/christina.valeska

What fills our life with the purest love? What brings us to surrender and to flow with the currents of existence? Where does delight come from?

Bhakti is the answer to the three questions. Bhakti is devotion, the purest love that our heart feels towards the divine. The divine dwells within each one of us, it sustains and guides us. It is a fundamental aspect of yoga, may be the most important, and in this post I invite you to re-establish it in your practice (if you have forgotten a little bit about it) and to strengthen your love for what is sacred.

In our modern times we have been obsessed with the idea that we can give a rational (almost scientific) explanation to everything, even to our yoga. We place the foot this way, exactly parallel to the sticky mat, we rotate the arm that way, etc. Knowing how to do our asanas is very important but we should not forget that, above all of that, we find the mystery, the paradox, and the unexplainable. Existence is like that, the Divine is like that. If we perform our asana stripping it from all its wonderful mystic qualities, it becomes cold, dry and loses healing properties.

A yoga without devotion becomes rough and only material. However, when we practice making each asana, each mantra and meditation and an offering, the openness of our hearts has no limits. Then, our yoga becomes again the beautiful chant mentioned in the classic texts. I propose three simple ways to "Bhaktize" your yoga: 1. place the image of a deity by your mat and offer the fruits of your practice to this deity 2. light a candle, get some flowers or chant a small prayer when you sit on your mat 3. be grateful for all what was revealed and stay firm in your intention to offer something beautiful to your environment

The potent full moon has strengthen even more the relationship with my Ishta Devata (the form of the divine with whom one might choose to engage with, in order to walk the spiritual path under its care). She lives within me, although She is infinite and eternal. She is the reference that helps me stay centered. She is always present, filling me with peace. Her light emanates, coloring my life with celebration and joy. I surrender to Her presence, trusting fully because it enlightens the journey of my soul, here on Earth. 

Bhakti fills the world with humility, sweetness and trust. Everything that we do can be an offering, like a beautiful flower at the feet of a goddess...

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