Avataric journey with the Bowspring 06-11-2015

image N ovember is my landing month and you know that I love to celebrate it! This year is specially important because I enter a new seven year cycle. I have been getting ready for months and have been feeling a lot of changes. Below I tell you how.

Every time I address the theme of the yogic avatar people ask me about the movie with the same name and it is normal because it is full of messages! Not only it teaches that the survival of our species depends on the level of awareness with which we live and on values like accountability, kindness, compassion, sensitivity or a life in harmony with nature, but it also shows a visual physical-energetic body that is agile, flexible, beautiful and dynamic. One of the things that I liked most in the film was that I could observe those blue extraterrestrial beings in movement.

But let's start from the beginning… the Sanskrit word avatara means “descent” and it is composed by the root –tr- “to cross over” and the prefix ava- “down or off”. Therefore, avatar means something like “the descent crossing over into the realm of mortals”.

An avatar in the yogic traditions is a manifestation of the divine into the human body-mind-soul. Well known avatars are Rama and Krishna (also blue skinned), Buddha, Hanuman, Sita or Radhe. Jesus is considered an avatar as well.

Although it is true all of us are incarnations of the divine, there is an essential difference between an avatar and you or I: while the first one is born being fully aware of his/her greatness, we have forgotten our divine nature and, using a simple analogy, most people live dozing, without realizing what we really are.

The avatar figure is an example of the potential that any human being has to enjoy a life of fullness. It kind of says to us “Look, this is what you are, now get to work and manifest it”. This is why spiritual practices are designed for us to remember and “see” the truth of who we authentically are (there are some more effective that others…). For a long time it was believed that awakening was impossible or that it required many years of complex and esoteric exercises, but lately all that process has speeded up considerably and there are more and more messages and incredibly efficient techniques at anyone's reach.

Since ancient times there has been an ideal model for our physical-energetic body. It is visible in iconographical representations of the Indian avatars or of our cultural heroes and heroines. Interestingly, also the corporal shape of the Na'vi in the movie follows that same ideal model. Coincidence? I don't think so…

Here you have some of the characteristics displayed by that model:

· reclaiming of the ‚Äúorigins movement‚Äù or the natural way of moving in space, almost animal-like.

· uniform tone in all tissues (inner and outer) and defined, curvy shapes.

· ample, strong torsos; narrow waist; long, tapered belly; mounded glutes and upwards action of the tailbone.

· powerful and active hands and feet.

· long necks and upright head.

· luminosity in eyes and skin.

· balance between sensitivity and strength.

· multidimensional awakening of the Super Self.

At the start of this article I told you that I have been preparing and feeling many positive and amazing metamorphosis. The most significant change in my routine has been to practice wholeheartedly the Bowspring, Sridaiva's super powerful postural technique.

The Bowspring is a system that awakens exactly this human-divine avatar model, going beyond the physical. It is not a superimposition from the outside, but the activation of our natural way of being in body, mind and heart, open and primordial. If you have been practicing it for a while, you have sure noticed that. It is a lot more potent than what one might think, you have to study it, feel in on the mat (out as well) in order to become aware of its effects. I have been exploring and studying yoga my entire life, if there is something that you shouldn't miss, it is Sridaiva and its Bowspring!

These days I am thrilled to see how many blessings life showers over me. Each practice grants me greater levels of understanding and, in a humble way, it brings me to honor myself more and more as embodied divinity, aware of my own interconnectedness with Infinite Consciousness. I feel ready for all that my new cycle of life is going to bring and fascinated by the fact that I am here, in this body-mind-heart.

Immense gratitude to everything and everyone for being part of my  journey!!!

Special thanks to Desi Springer, John Friend and Sridaiva (also for the image)

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