Celebrate the mothers! 29-04-2016 Woman-praying-mother-5D-diamond-embroidery-roses-diamond-painting-3d-wallpaper-rose-3d-wall-decoration-wedding M ay is the month of the feminine, the Mother and, yes, also the month of flowers! My daughter, mother and I filled one of those questionnaires that come up in magazines around this time of the year and it was fascinating to reflect with them about my role as a mother. When you live a conscious life, you realize that besides the earthy one, there is also a great, shared mother, universal and eternal because we all are mothers regardless of giving birth physically. This Drop of Light offers 5 simple practices to celebrate this aspect of life:

1. Nature

By spending time in nature you will start to feel how She talks to you, heals and purifies your body-mind-soul. In order for this to happen, you must remain silent, doing nothing, laying down over the Earth and in a state of full surrender. The ideal would be to scape to the mountains or to a dessert beach every day, but if you live in an urban area, your can adapt yourself and find alternatives like sitting in the park, taking your shoes off, eyes closed, feeling the sun on your skin and breathe gently for a few minutes. I live in Palma and as frequently as possible I hide in my magical neck of the woods and spend there one or two hours. There is nothing better to root your subtle body, balance your electromagnetic field and open the heart.

2. Patience

This is the primordial quality of the feminine. It makes us remain present, full of love and compassion, in the face of any daily circumstance. Remember how your mother was patient with you, day after day reminding you take out the garbage bins, do homework or clean up the kitchen after doing the dishes. Even when she had to tell you a million times, she remained confident that the day would come when you would do it on your own. And it came, right? In the way towards being fully aware one encounters many tests, a lot more challenging than household chores, the more patient that you are the more understanding you will have. Breathe and relax. Can you remain calm and tranquil in the middle of a conflict? Are you patient towards yourself?

3. Perseverance

This means constancy of Consciousness. It helps you to remain present when you fall once and again. How do you think that you started walking as a baby? You spent months exercising and strengthening your whole body, tripping over and over while your mother's loving eyes watched with full admiration while giving you the space you needed to keep growing. If one day things don't come as you expected or if your practice is a disaster, try again until you succeed, like a mother that never throws the towel when it comes to support the development of her children. The difference now is that you are mothering yourself.

4. Sensitivity

How different the world would be if we all lived with the sensitivity of a poet, a gardener or a mother that tenderly contemplates the subtle movements of her baby's breath. The super fast lifestyle and the focus on massive productivity has forced us to harden and to let the days go by without barely feeling them. If you find yourself doing things the hard way, pause, move slowly and feel. It might be difficult at times, but if you ask your senses what they are experiencing at a given moment, you will start bringing your sensitivity back to life. How many times a day do you stop to contemplate the light through the petals of a flower or the soft movement of snails? What am I seeing, smelling or hearing right now? How do I feel inside? Where do I feel it? How do I relate with others when sensitivity is my guide?

5. Curves

Favor curves over angular lines not only in your movement but also in other areas of your life. Get lost in sensations, in the spirals of awareness that guide your attention throughout the different parts of your body-mind-heart. Curves free life from being a yes or a no, black or white, curves allow many possibilities of expression because they are open and expansive, they include and hug. They are the shapes in the parts of a flower, the movements when you stir the pot and when you love.   Male or female, this coming Sunday celebrate all the mothers, the earthly ones and the cosmic, celebrate your inner mother and the Great Universal One, who gives birth to existence, cares for it, sustains and heals all of us, components of what we call life.¬†


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