Celebration times!! 31-05-2013


Tuesday was the birthday of a great student and friend. In class, we all dedicated the yoga practice to her and it was wonderful, among other things, because in all the participants I could feel an honest desire to have fun and to share love with her. Celebrating the day when we are born is a reason to be happy for some, a reason to be sad for others, it can even create anxiety in those believing that growing older is a bad thing. This post is written with the intention of bringing a little bit of light over the meaning of your special day.

Being born is an incredible event, a pure song to the whole existence. In Spanish we have a beautiful phrase to talk about it. We say "to bring into the light". This implies that there is something being enlightened, that something really special happens when the universal becomes personal. Tantra Yoga teaches that being here, as a person with a physical body and a story, is a material expression of our spiritual being. Atman or the cosmic Self, becomes jivan or the incarnated Self that has an array of defined characteristics. In the inner path, this embodied being evolves to be a jivanmukta, someone radically free that can see how all of us are part of the same unified field of consciousness, all One.

The spiritual path offers you the opportunity of awakening to the broadest vision of life. It helps you to recognize:

the Universe needs you just as you are now and is more beautiful thanks to your presence,

many people's lives is richer because you are in them

your special virtues shower the world with gifts from the heart,

your life is really wonderful, packed with incredible adventures that were written only for you!

If it is your birthday today, CONGRATULATIONS, if it is not, give yourself a "birthday not" day. When you give yourself the permission to be born into an inner space of greater understanding, birthdays are the most beautiful events. Make a plan for your special day. Decide in advance what you want to do, how you are going to enjoy the first hours of your new year and think about how your are going to share the bliss with others. Include time to do yoga, to sit with yourself and meditate. The doors are open... not only to one more year, but to a whole existence of understanding and Supreme Bliss.

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