Chores and yoga 17-04-2015

CHORES3 O nce upon a time there was a woman (or man) stuck to a cleaning cloth... Would you consider house chores as a form of exercise?

Recently I read an article about the importance of moving every day and among the list of activities that the author suggested as exercise he named "household chores" (!). In my home we are the queens of cleaning and I started to think about how I vacuum, clean the windows, wash the clothes, iron, etc. and while I do admit that all those make us move more or less vigorously and it would even be possible to defend that the mop could be an instrument for cardiovascular exercise, I think that something else is needed.

This post gives you three reasons why yoga provides what you need in order to make your daily physical activity complete:


Most movements done while cleaning the house are forward bends that weaken the back body and contract the front body making it shorter. In a yoga class you practice many spine extensions that revert this tendency of the back to take the shape of a C and your body can recover its natural curves.


A complete yoga practice makes you move in all planes and possible directions. Bodily tissues need this kind of movement to stay hydrated, oxygenated and young.


It is a holistic body-mind-soul exercise system. It works on all levels of existence. In addition to the physical body it acts...

  • renewing your energetic body
  • transforming your thought and emotional patterns, creating an immense opening towards greater possibilities of life
  • connecting you with your soul or higher Self, showing you the deeper meaning of your day to day

Many other activities have the same effect on the body than house chores: gardening, being an electrician, mechanic, chef, dentist, nurse...

Therefore, everyone get on the happy mat! (housewives included)

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