Christmas within 28-12-2012

The last few days I have been asking around for the meaning of Christmas. "What does it mean to you? What do you celebrate?" Some people have told me that it holds no value for them; others say that it is a moment to get together with family and share their love; some are scared of it because they feel forced to be with people with whom they have unresolved conflicts; for my daughter presents are the most important aspect of it all. Christmas is nativitas, birth, and a few friends told me that we celebrate the incarnation of the divine into a human body. They said it is about the birth of our soul, the spiritual Self in each one of us. I liked this answer a lot and it made me think that each birth is a beautiful union between spirit and matter.

We know that the birth of Jesus is celebrated in this date. Personally I always had a very different idea of him. In my eyes, he was a very human and passionate guide: he sung, he got mad, he danced, meditated, he fell in love and was a revolutionary speaking of a new world... The ideal of the divine being fully human is a fascinating truth. 

Yoga is not a religion but it invites us to look for the mystic meaning of things. From this perspective, Christmas celebrates the birth of an enlightened one, a human-divine. The myth of the birth in itself shows us how unique an special is to be able to be born: the stars got aligned in order to show that something important was about to happen and Jesus was born in one of the darkest nights of the year, showing how the brightest Light comes from the deepest darkness.

That same spark of divinity is held within us, but most of us is not aware of it yet. In Christmas we can wake her up, experiencing the birth of the inner teacher, who reveals all mysteries, celestial and earthy ones. May we join to create a new world, a new system, based in the indwelling Light, Wisdom and Love.

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