Desires are spiritually correct 16-01-2015

images L ast week's Drop of Light explained Sankalpa as the intention in harmony with the divine personal plan for this lifetime. On the other hand, desires are the motor of material reality. After all, we are here thanks to our parent's desire and to life's impulse to manifest. But Are they compatible with spirituality? Are they good or bad? Should we pay attention to all desires? Yoga answers those questions with a "yes and no".

Yogins look at desire as a super powerful force that brings you to do what you do and to achieve what you want. Without this natural force flowers would not turn looking for the Sun, our bodies would not exist and neither the possibility to grow internally.

The problem arises when we equate desire only with the satisfaction of deficiencies by means of momentary, sensory gratification. Unfortunately the economical system of society is based on the formula that reminds you constantly that: 1. right now you are not happy and 2. you will be happy when you have X object/person/experience. But that is only a social mistake....

Yoga turns it around considering that you are already complete, that you are a divine being and that life always brings you what you need for your evolution. Being divine, you have the capacity to manifest from fullness and abundance. Discernment will give you the key to differentiate the desires that arise from your cosmic Self from the more earthy ones, but you must listen. So sit quietly and ask yourself "what do I want? what are my souls's deep desires?" Probably, external stuff comes up, that is perfect. All desires are equally important since they resonate in different parts of your Self. If you observe what lies beneath the surface, you will see how they work as Ariadne's thread helping you find the way back to wholeness.

Let me give you an example. I asked myself just a moment ago "What do I want?"... "more free time" was the answer.

Then I go to a deeper level of the desire by asking "How do I feel when I have more free time?"... "rested and relaxed".

I deepen a little more "How can I create the conditions to feel more rested/relaxed even in the busier days?"

And voilá! I realize that during my day I already have the space-time to recharge my batteries as if I was sunbathing on my favorite beach. This abundant vision of a situation becomes the seed that will manifest more of what I desire.

Sankalpa and the nature of desire are both empowered by the sacred creativity of the universe. May our desires benefit everything and everyone as well as our individual self.

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