Dissolution ritual 26-12-2014

la foto 2 J ust a few more days to say bye-bye to the year. This post offers you a “DISSOLUTION RITUAL” that will make you start 2015 fresh, light and full of creative enthusiasm.

Nature teaches us that the old needs to be dissolved and transformed so the new can be born, powerful and packed with life force. What a great opportunity to complete the cycles of all that has happened and to return back to the universe each one of the experiences that have been given to us throughout 2014.

As usual in the “Drops of Light” exercises, sit comfortable in your sacred space and create an ambiance of peace. It will take you 20 minutes (more of you wish) and you will need:

Your diary planner and calendars

Paper and colored markers

1st – review

In the center of a big, white sheet of paper write down "2014" and surround it with a circle/cloud or any other border that your wish. Around that, write the names of the 12 months of the year. The mindmap in the picture will inspire you. Next to each month write about the main events that happened, how your felt, what emotions flourished and the lessons that you learned. As an example, February was the publishing month for “Una fiesta para el alma” and I felt enveloped by magic, immensely grateful and proud of something sooo big happening to me.

Note: if you feel stuck, breathe and chant the mantra Om Namah Shivaya. Soon the words will flow again.

2nd - transform

Full of gratitude, burn it! The intention is for all 2014 experiences to be transformed and returned to the universe. That is the fire's role.

3rd – consciously relax

Lie down on your yoga mat and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Relax your body-mind and let the breath take you into a space of deep letting go. Stay here for ten minutes or so.

Bye-bye 2014, with infinite gratitude I celebrate you!!!


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