Divine man without god 20-05-2016 imgres-1 T omorrow is May's full moon and it marks the celebration of Buddha's birth, illumination and death. He has been one of the most significant spiritual guides in human history. He is so fascinating that even my bother has an image of him tattooed on his leg. Thousands of books are written about his teachings, but today I share with you one of my favorite quotes H.G. Wells said "Gautam Buddha was perhaps the only man without a god and so divine nonetheless" It is so full of wisdom and truth! This wonderful being created a religion without gods (one of the few...), taught that everything is divine in the universe, the entire existence being Consciousness, included you or I, and he showed the way to understand it. He was a real, bone and flesh teacher, the greatest superhero of love and compassion. Read more in Gautam Buddha, the Awakened One, my latest Zunray Spark.


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