Drink living water 17-03-2017 M arch 22nd is International Water Day and the drops of light celebrate it answering the question "Is the water that we drink and use in our homes healthy?"  Water is the most abundant element both on the surface of the Earth and in our physical bodies. In order for all body systems to work correctly, the transparent fluid needs to flow through the channels of circulation. Take into consideration that we are mostly made of the same liquid as rivers, streams, oceans or clouds: Your muscles are 75% water Blood is 82% water The lungs, 90% The brain, 76% Bones, 25% The healthiest and happiest water moves like the one coming out of a natural spring. It is vivacious, creates spirals and vortices, hops in serpentine movements among the rocks. Contrary to this, the piping system happens in straight lines and breaks the dynamism that water needs. Unfortunately, the water that most of us consume lacks its natural vitality and strength. It is full of contaminants like toxic residues from pesticides, petroleum chemicals, from toilet paper (your read correctly) or from all kinds of medicinal drugs. Bottled water is not much better since in many cases is artificially purified water or it comes in plastic containers that infuse it with harmful particles. The answer is "no", the water that we normally consume is not healthy, but What can we do??

Invest in a filtration system for the general water in your home.

Find where are the closest springs and collect your own water every week.

Consume spring water that comes in recyclable glass bottles.

Bathe in the sea or in the river as frequently as possible and, if you live in a cold mountain place, eat the snow!

Of course, live in a way that you pollute less.


May the water be fully alive and happy. Om Shanti

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