earthly wings 18-01-2013

Angel-Wallpaper-angels-9902019-1024-768Angel is the aspect of your Self that is in the next step of your evolutionary ascendent lineage. It is not something outside, foreign to you or that is only going to happen in your future. It is a very authentic part of yourself, real here and now.

For a while I see many people around me whose connection with their being-angel is very active and open. These are people that trust fully, that smile with innocence, that glow with peace and light despite the challenges that life presents for them. I am thinking about my friend who takes care of her sick mother during the 24 hours of the day; the neighbors who feed and care for the homeless people in the plaza; all of my students or my bosses, who work everyday to ensure that there is a beautiful place in Palma where people can practice yoga.

There are earthly angels aware of being it, and others whose union with the angelical condition is still to be revealed. In order to awaken and enhance the communication with your being-angel, I offer you the following visualization:

Sit comfortably, close your eyes and take a few gentle, deep breaths. Relax.

Imagine that your body releases its density, becoming more spacious, almost transparent.  If it resonates with you, visualize that you have wings, big and luminous. They are the most beautiful ones that you have ever imagined, light as the joy of a child. There is a very pleasant expression in your face that fills you with peace. Now  there is a warm, loving light radiating from within you, impregnating the energetic space that surrounds you. When it is the right time to open your eyes and return to the outer world, please do. 

The exercise can be done everywhere. I tried it this morning while sitting in a pretty café in the Born. I could feel how my aura was changing and a wonderful harmonious sensation invaded me. It reaffirmed my mission of manifesting the unification of matter and spirit, believing in the authenticity of intrinsic joy and life as a wonderful adventure.

To all the earthly angels whose smiles enlighten my world... thank you, from the heart.

om shanti

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