Emergent paradigm 04-03-2016

images-2 M arch, Spring and new live sprouting all around. Today's Drop of Light talks about how Sridaiva's Bowspring is the perfect method to re-emerge more luminous than ever without getting "lost in transition" and how our community is shifting and benefitting from it. Read some amazing testimonies below! 

During the last few months I have been feeling that nothing is like it was before, but I also know that we are still in transition, in a space-time where we are not here not there. Something important is being born, but it is still at the sprouting stage. When I look at what is happening in the world, I have the impression that the system is definitely broken. We have accepted as social norm many things that have caused a lot of damage and right now that is falling apart, but in what direction should we move? Among the rubble and the cracks there are beams of light arising stronger and more powerful than ever. There are also new tools at our reach that help us see those windows opening to an emergent paradigm. Really, these are historical times to celebrate! It is a privilege to witness the deep awareness shift in so many people, even as it coexists with so much suffering and sleepiness. It is also important to adhere to a method that works and that is taking us to the next stage.

My teacher always told us "what worked before will not work anymore" Probably this is the primary reason why the Bowspring is so useful. Sridaiva offers an unprecedented system for the activation of your body-mind-heart. A simple, elegant technique that awakens the spark of Light buried under the thick layers of cultural and social conditioning. First, it makes you aware of all the old patterns in your body as well as in your mind and heart. Second, it organically tunes your whole being, returning to your body its origins movement, to your mind its state of natural relaxation and to your heart the innocent opening that connects you with a deeper life purpose.

Read below some of the benefits that Bowspring practitioners are experiencing in our community. All of these are true testimonies that come from students of different ages and conditions. They show a significant increase in the levels of health and consciousness.

Lightness –

“I feel that without even realizing it, the practice of Sridaiva benefits my whole body. It probably has to do with the concept of tensegrity, and the fact that we are not training different parts of the body in isolation. In general I feel stronger and more agile. Just as an example, the other day I surprised myself running up a set of stairs and I felt awesomely light!" -Alicia

Natural –

“I had a back injury when I was 17 and I started practicing different sports and yoga to increase strength and flexibility. Even though I could feel the benefits of the yoga poses, I fought hard against myself trying to get into the poses. Sridaiva, even though in the beginning was very, very strange, it feels more natural. This makes me feel lighter and the practice is easy." -Sonja

Vitality –

“I feel a lot more vital and energetic than before. I generate energy from morning to night!" -Lola

"The Bowspring is incredible for your health! I don't know how it does it, but it does". -Louise

Absence of pain -

“I have been practicing yoga for many years, but I come out of your Sridaiva classes like a butterfly. Nothing hurts and I feel like flying! The Bowspring works!!" -Maricarmen

“Sridaiva classes are more enjoyable and I have fewer problems with my low back and with certain joints (wrists, etc) I also sweat a lot and we do some fun cardio exercise with the hops and so on." -Juan Pablo

Empowerment –

“It is the first time in my life that I do this posture and it has been so easy. How powerful!" -D

Elegance of Being -

"The dynamic postures, soft and elegant, remember the movements of a tiger moving in the forest, deeply respectful with the natural curves, they relax the rigidity in the body instilled by our frantic lifestyle. They also lighten the weight of the bone structure giving us a beautiful presence, give tone to all of our muscles and bring healing harmony. It seems that you are not doing much, and you are doing it all." -Paloma

Cosmic vehicle –

This is one of my personal impressions: the Bowspring is a cosmic bombshell because it facilitates a 100% activation of the Light body that is my heart-mind-body. It has come at the right evolutionary times for the awakening of our authentic human nature. It brings us to make wiser choices that one by one manifest the possibility of a new world based on Consciousness.

Other general observations among the people that practice this modality of conscious movement in our community are:

joy, dynamism, positive attitude, sensitivity, physical and mental cleanse, sense of direction in life, freedom.

We don't really know what the next phase looks like, but we can say that our global future depends on the level of awareness in which we are moment by moment. Creating a destiny according to higher aspirations is in our hands and it is possible!

Desi and John, creators of Sridaiva and the Bowspring, will visit Europe this coming season among other places of their world tour. They will be in our country teaching in Madrid, Marbella and Palma. Click here to read more information about their workshops in Mallorca:

“The power of the Bowspring”

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