Energetic foods, pranic diet 10-04-2015

images W hat is in foods that make us need them? This post shows why you eat and presents an energetic scale to measure how you nourish yourself.

Vital force or prana is what we look for in those substances that you put in your mouth and give form to the physical bodies. Prana is the essential spark in all that exists in the material reality. What you eat gives your cells the nourishing energy packed with minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats that you need to build a body. The more prana in those foods, the better nourished you will be, you will feel vital, healthy and light. And you will eat smaller amounts because you will receive more for less.

Foods rich in prana (LOTS of energy)

Have received direct sun light and have been in touch with the elements of Nature. Coming from the earth, they are cultivated lovingly near the place where you live, according to the seasons and qualify as "organic agriculture". They are colorful, with varied textures and plenty of vibrancy (think about a crunchy leaf of lettuce, the sound of an apple when you bite it or the explosion of pink juice when opening a watermelon).

Fruits  and seasonal veggies.

Grains, seeds, dried fruits and oils.

Legumes and super seaweeds.

Vegetable proteins (tofu, tempeh, seitán, hemp).

Foods poor in prana (MEDIUM energy)

Have traveled: if what you eat comes from a place in the planet five thousand miles away, it has gone over half the globe and has been picked way before its optimum ripening time.

Manufactured: everything that has gone through a fabric line.

Labeled: in general, if there is a label, there is less prana.

Jarred organic items.

Foods without prana (ZERO energy)

Items with labels showing ingredients that are difficult to read or unrecognizable.

Big corporations: what is produced by a big corporation is depleted of vital force. (Chech this out: Dr. Hyman considers that they are not food). The motivation is to produce the biggest amounts at the smallest cost and in order to do that they need the cheapest, worst ingredients.

To the Earth and all those caring for her lovingly. Om Shakti Maa

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