from competition to cooperation 05-06-2015

join-hands I have always had a hard time competing and navigating through stories where one ends winner and many loose. But since we live in the kind of society that we live -productivity enhancing and praising only the outer triumph- I had to learn how to be in it. This post offers you some easy keys that will transform competition into cooperation for the benefit of all.

In the XIX century Darwin formulated the theory of evolution and survival of the fittest. It is still the organizing principle of our society, but there are other thinking currents that affirm that Nature works according to cooperation not competition. Yoga confirms this by saying that we all are part of a unified field of existence and what one does, says or thinks influences each little particle in that energetic network. Therefore, the individual success will only come from the success of the whole community of beings involved in any given circumstance. Enlightenment is only possible when we all reach it.

Ways of transforming competition into cooperation:

  E nhance the quality of abundance for all. The universe's supply is infinite, there is enough for everyone and it is a lot more rewarding to share what one has rather than keeping everything to yourself.

  S top competing against yourself and start cooperating with your body-mind-soul. Instead of forcing yourself into a pose, allow the breath to guide you and your body will take the shape that it needs to take.

  P romote the success of your colleagues. The achievements of others are an inspiration to the world and yourself. Cheer them up and take it as a way to inspire you into being a better person. If envy comes up in your mind, breath and transform all that negative emotion.

  P ractice some partner yoga postures or acro yoga. It will increase your capacity to trust, love and share.

  G et involved with a social cause. The needs of people in the world are huge and everyone in the developed countries can collaborate with resources, time and expansion of awareness.

Life is beautiful, good and always brings you what you need for your evolution. Om Shanti

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