full moon blessings 03-07-2015

maxresdefault T he full moon is a time to celebrate and this month we are having two opportunities to do it! Since ancient times all cultures in our planet have honored it in one way or another, meditating, dancing or singing.

This first one in July is a moon full of blessings. The Vedas tell that the lunar cycle represents the history of infinity that was born from Lalita, Goddess of Eternity. It creates a circle of eternal time repeating itself every 28 days and each one of its phases manifests one of her forms. During the full moon, the divine feminine principle shows its full splendor personified as Tripura Sundari, the Supreme Beauty of the three dimensions of existence.

Moon's effluences during its full phase naturally increase ojas both for women and men. In Ayurveda ojas is the vigor and vitality of all your tissues. The presence, quality and amount of ojas depend on your lifestyle, this is why observing the cycles of the moon is fundamental for your health and strength.

Sacred rituals in a night like this one bring abundance, health and well being to the entire humanity, as long as they are performed with a pure heart. The full moon's light is incredibly powerful, regenerative and rejuvenating.

Do the following to get the whole potency on the full moon:

massages with oils (auto-abhyanga),


moon light bathing,

use of gems and precious stones,

feasts of rich and abundant healthy foods,

making love,

maintain a positive & loving state of being,

create a meditation circle with family and friends,

meditate visualizing prana-Shakti as a warm glow in the low abdomen,

chant lunar mantras, here is one “Om Shrim Som Somaya Namaha”.

It is Summer and the environment shows its pure abundance. Celebrate, rejoice and dance with life. At the end of the month we will have another full moon coinciding with Guru Purnima, so stay tuned to your emails because you will receive more lunar Drops of Light.

Receive the blessings of the charming and enigmatic full moon!

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