"Guru shopping" or how to choose your teachers 10-05-2013

Who was your favourite school teacher? Who was the teacher that most influenced you? Do you remember how he/she encourage you, could make you excited about math or poetry? Most of the things that we know we owe it to the teachers. The figure of the master holds great importance in yoga. The difference is that while we didn't have the chance to choose our teachers when we were kids, in the spiritual path we can and should do it carefully. The term "Guru shopping" comes from Lama Marut, a wonderful master that taught me many things in very little time. It is a fun way to demystify the whole subject. In this post I talk about the meaning of the word "guru", the function of the teacher and the qualities that he/she must hold.

"Guru" means " the weighty one" in Sanskrit. The word "gravity", for example, comes from this term. It is understood as the one who holds great wisdom and knowledge, and whose Light shines with a strong luminosity. He/she is the teacher that guides you in your inner path. Not as something foreign to you but as the outer reflection of the divine within you. The teacher is not a god and you someone inferior, on the contrary, you are capable of recognizing the spiritual teacher because the highest qualities that you see in him/her exist first within.  

Guru is the one who teaches us how to discover who we truly are. This is quite important for you to understand: the guru teaches you the how but you do the work. After all, it is your own life and only you can live it. Coming from this point of view, the teacher must be someone that shows you where you want to go and be the embodiment of all that you can achieve with your yoga. 

Counting with the support of a teacher is a true honor, but they don't just appear out of nowhere, you must desire it deeply and must recognize them as such teachers. When you go car shopping, you try to find a car that meets the requirements for safety, performance and comfort. When it comes to a teacher in the spiritual path, you must know the characteristics to look for (or at least three of them):  

1. he/she must live according to a universal moral or ethical code

2. is full of peace, an example of the meditative state

3. understands the secrets of reality and mysticism

4. is qualified to teach you and should have certain knowledge of different spiritual traditions

5. works hard, has fun teaching and knows how to do it

6. is a manifestation of the purest love

7. never gives up and never stops trying, he/she will always find new ways to teach you

In this New Age we are moving from looking for the guru out there to finding it within ourselves. Om namah shivaya gurave means " I bow to the inner Light, the true teacher".  However, there are parts of the path that are quite arduous, for this reason it is fundamental that we establish a relationship with someone that has travel inwardly through more places that ourselves. Look for the right one and then surrender fully. The outer master teaches you where is the key to everlasting happiness and you are the one to open the door...

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