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Change can be felt in the air these days, but possible confrontations might also come with it.  All process of transformation brings forth some kind of friction between two parts, and this is what generates the evolutionary change. Some times it is easier to handle, while other times it feels like a storm, full of lighting, clouds, thunder and winds throwing us all around. Conflict might be manifesting in our personal or professional relationships, or maybe in the way we communicate with our selves.

The solutions to problems are never at the level of the problem. If we try to fix something with the mental tools (over thinking, contemplating, talking excessively about it), we will end up loosing a lot of time and energy running around in circles. The source fo creative wisdom lies within and, yes!, it manifests through the mind but it doesn't exist at that level. Creative solutions arise from the field of infinite potentiality of the Self, beyond the mental body. We access this part of ourselves when we are in a meditative state. Something to add: if we are worrying about someone or something, it is a good indicator that only the mind is running the show.

Yoga is a path of unity. It always implies that there is a relationship between two parties: between your personal self and your universal Self; between heaven and earth; spirit and matter; between you and others. This is why it is good to ask, first, How are my relationships like? and, second, How do I apply my Yoga tools in the conflictive situations?

If you are having problems with someone or something, I recommend that you have a look at the following list of rules. They might help you regain peace and harmony. The key is that all parties agree to respect and follow the rules. When you read them, your might think that they are just common sense, but Isn't it true that "common sense" is most needed nowadays?

Resolve your conflicts:

1. Meditate daily. This will help you see that a lot more unites both of you than  separates you

2. Accept that both parties have their grievances and pain

3. Recognize that your emotions are yours, no one else's

4. Address the others with respect, from equal to equal

5. Talk and speak without violence

6. Never try to show that the other is wrong, each one holds his or her own truth

7. Share your values because they will bring you closer to others

8. Commit to find a solution in which all parts are happy

9. Stop worrying about being right and work on creating peace

If there is still a good amount of tension and fire between you and the other, it is also convenient to wait a little before trying to find a quick solution.

Breath, meditate and trust "that every little thing is going to be all right"...

om shanti

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