How does a woman practice yoga? 21-10-2016


O ne lesson of my Radiant Woman program has this title because I think it is of vital importance to question ourselves how we are practicing. Most yoga modalities offered in studios were created by and for men. Besides, women didn't have access to the practice of conscious movement until very recently and nevertheless, in the case of yoga we have hopped on the wagon of a practice that is often rigid, static, based on the athletic achievement of specific postures and that doesn't take into consideration our cyclical and lunar nature.

Believe me when I tell you that I adore athletic challenges, all my students can tell you so, but both in class and on my home's mat, there is a time for them and they are always approached with these attitudinal qualities:

sensitivity, listening, respect for the cycles of nature, patience, desire to create beauty and celebration.

A woman's life is intrinsically linked to the changing cycles of the moon. When the practice of yoga honors our lunar phases, there is a healing and transformation of the feminine psique that allows for the flourishing of the woman-goddess inside of you.

New moon-

In the phase of the sleeping moon, practice slowly, postures on the floor, with closed or semi-open eyes, breath, remove your awareness from the outer world and come inside your spiritual dimension.

Crescent moon-

It is a period of rebirth, dynamism and creative expression. Your practice should be joyful, carefree and happy. Enjoy this time to play and be creative.

Full moon-

Now you will feel energetically powerful, capable of anything, take the risk of practicing postures that you haven't explored before. It is an incredibly sensual phase, open your channels to the energies of nature.

Waning moon-

Physical energy starts to dwindle and opens you up to a period of greater introspection.  The rhythm becomes slower and unhurried. Give yourself space to let go of emotions, memories and feelings during your practice.

One of the things that you get when you participate in Radiant Woman is the ideal sequence of postures for the new moon days.

OM SHANTI to the beautiful you!

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