How to awaken your magnetism 12-06-2015

r10buv-auric-field W hat do some people have that makes them irresistible and incredibly attractive? They don't need to be good-looking, nor have a perfect body, nor do yoga like an angel. They simply radiate the most fascinating Light that makes me feel awesome. Sometimes I look at someone like this and think "Wow, what a wonderful being, I would love to be closer"

Magnetism is a physical phenomena by which objects exert forces of attraction (or repulsion) over other materials. It keeps the objects of reality united and integrated within the same coherent field of energetic vibration.

In the last years there has been a lot of research done around the subject of  magnetic fields and how the human being creates harmonic vibratory fields. Apparently, the subtle heart (in the center of your chest) creates a magnetic field that expands beyond your physical body between three to five meters. And it is five thousand times stronger than the brain's magnetic field! So when you cultivate its divine feelings -like gratitude, acceptance, generosity, happiness or compassion-, you harmonize with those inherent qualities of the Cosmos. They expand from your center and manifest in your life as wonderful experiences and luminous people.

The  following exercise has the ingredients to awaken your magnetism

Sit comfortable in your sacred space, breathe softly and connect with the state of presence.

Visualize your energetic heart and awaken its highest feelings. Be aware that along with emotions, they are the heart's thoughts. They can be felt simultaneously in the physical and energetic body.

Now expand them and send their information out into the world.

Staying centered in this kind of positive feelings might be challenging at the beginning. If that is your case, play some quiet and melodic music, light some incense or use some personal essential oil. You can also repeat the mantra "Om Bhavam Namah" which means " I am absolute existence".

We all have the capacity of being a magnet for experiences that are positive creators of Light, Wisdom and Love that heal, transform and elevate the vibration of the entire planet.

Om Shanti

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