How to eat 19-12-2014

white-decoration-festive-candles-luxury-arrangement-banquet-holidays-elegant-new-year T oo many food related celebrations? One of the most useful things that I learned when I was studying at the Chopra Center was that how we eat is as important to gut health as what we eat. If you want to avoid digestive issues this Holiday season, keep reading...

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Tips for intelligent eating

1. Eat in a nice and quiet environment. If you are going out or you are going to eat with a group of friends, try to do it only once a day.

2. Establish a schedule for your meals and a healthy daily routine. Avoid the big late dinners.

3. Eat only when you are hungry. Many times we mistake thirst with hunger or the need for food with the need for oxygen (breathe for one minute before putting something in your mouth and you will know what your body really craves for).

4. Do not eat when you are sad/annoyed/anxious. It is the rule number 1 to avoid indigestion.

5. Sit while you eat.

6. Reduce cold drinks during meals because they cool down the digestive fire stopping the natural processes of the stomach.

7. Eat at a comfortable pace, chew and pay attention to your food. Not too fast, neither too slow. Try to savor, smell and feel the textures of what you are eating.

8. Do not fill up too much, leave some empty space left. The digestive acids and the movements of your stomach and intestines work better when we don't stuff ourselves to the brim.

9. Include many flavors, colors and textures. Favor seasonal fruit and veggies, whole grains and legumes, seeds, nuts and spices. Attractive, delicious foods awaken the senses and the digestive power. Avoid: leftovers, frozen, processed, canned foods and the microwave.

10.  Be grateful for your food and the people that have made possible that it is in your plate.

The yoga of food results in feelings of quietness and sweet satisfaction. How wonderful!


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