Immune system Yoga 14-11-2014

the-scienceeee A lifestyle that strengthens the immune system is one of the pillars for wellbeing. Yoga can help immensely so start practicing the following tips and you will see how this coming winter you will be free of colds.

The body is infinitely intelligent and has an build in group of biological processes that keep it safe and that protects it against many disease causing agents. It is the immune system. Health is not the result of isolation but of staying radiant in any environment and we can achieve that when we are aware of being the union and dynamic interaction of body-mind-soul.

Nature – as much as you can, spend time in natural environments where you will fill up with pure energy. We all have time for a daily walk in the park or a short excursion.

Rest – a happy day starts the night before. Respect the sleep hours and remember that your body is created to sleep during the night and be awake during while the sun is out.

Food – healthy and natural. Avoid processed, chemical and animal based foods. Increase veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds as well as whole grains. It is also advisable to do a detox in the Fall and in the Spring.

Asana – the regular practice of yoga postures assists the natural detoxifying bodily process, improves circulation of all substances and shoots up vitality. Include twists, inversion and a relaxation.

Yogic breathing – the conscious breath that we learn in yoga has incredible benefits: balances the nervous system; oxygenates the cells and improves blood circulation throughout all body systems; and calms the mind and reduces the effects of stress.

Meditation – 90% of the toxicity that we hold on to is emotional/mental. Your beliefs about the world or about yourself affect your health directly. Meditation in the deepest way of “cleaning house”.

We coexist with viruses, parasites and other patogens capable of hurting and infect the healthy tissues, but the good news is that it doesn't mean that we have to get sick!

Above all, stay positive and smile at the new day!!

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