Invincible Durga 09-10-2015

durga_2 2 T here are circumstances in life where we might feel climbing uphill, and some times the difficulties are as heavy as an elephant. If I told you the opposite, I would be lying. I feel that way many times as well but when I catch myself in that mental state of "I can't deal with this anymore!", I remember to breath and invoke the presence of the Invincible, the super energy of Durga, who incarnates the power behind radical awakening.

Because you are not alone and you don't have to resolve stuff on your own, read more about Durga, the cosmic protectress in Zunray's Spark.

The coming New Moon of October 13th starts Navaratri, indian festival dedicated to honor Durga. Nine nights to increase the loving and soft power of Her presence.

Ah! And remember that adversity is how we can strengthen or Superhero qualities!

Maa Durga, JAI!

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