Jesus and Shiva, supreme yogins 25-12-2015   Statue of Shiva Nataraja - Lord of Dance at sunlight[dropcap type="circle" color="#COLOR_CODE"background="#COLOR_CODE"]O n December 25th we celebrate the birth of our great teacher in the Christian world. ¬†Jesus was messenger of Universal Love and spiritual guide that taught how to awaken to the Divine nature that we are and lead a life of spiritual devotion... Just like a yogin! Yogananda said that Jesus and Krishna represented the same divine consciousness. "Jesus is revered in India [...] at the very least as a supreme yogi". Jesus even spent years in India, practicing with the ascetics and enlightened teachers. Interesting, isn't it? I will no go further into this fascinating subject today, but I will give you the link to the Zunray Spark where I write about first teacher in yogic philosophy, Shiva, in his most dynamic aspect: Shiva Nataraja, the extatic dance of evolution.

¡Happy Christmas! & "Be the Light"


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