Living fully NOW 17-06-2016 imgres A couple of weeks ago a dear friend told me that she had listened to a conference given by a white bearded English man who had a very peculiar way of talking about spirituality. She asked "His name is Alan I-don't-remember... Do you know him?" Yes! Of course! He was no less than Alan Watts, one of the most influential philosophers in the East-West culture that arose in the sixties. Considering that he passed away in 1973, she didn't have a reason to know him. Thanks to you, Liz, these days I am listening to him in YouTube and revisiting his teachings. The truth is that his integrative approach is amazing and he has a wonderful sense of humor combined with an exquisite sensitivity. Now I understand why I always liked him so much! Click HERE to watch one of his short videos. I hope you like it and that it takes you to explore even more about this great teacher of our times.

"The meaning of life is just to be alive" Alan Watts

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