Living like gods 07-12-2012

When I was a little girl I spent time in different ashrams where the days were lived according to natural law and following the ancient wisdom of Vedic culture. One of the things from that time that stayed with me is the image of Dhanvantari, father of Ayurveda. I was fascinated by its beauty, calmness and also by the big golden pot that he holds in his left hand.

Legend tells that Dhanvantari is the doctor for the gods in India's mythological pantheon. In the pot he carries the nectar of immortality (amrita, in Sanskrit, the Greek word ambrosia derives from this). His right hand is placed in the gesture of "abhaya", reminding us that there is nothing to fear because he is always present. Dhanvantari protects us and teaches us how to live like gods and goddesses, enhancing health and wellbeing in body, mind and soul.

This is Ayurveda's primordial function. Ayurveda means "science or wisdom of life" but today hardly anybody knows how to do that. The levels of stress and illness in our culture have reached alarming rates. People are unhappy and feel the toxicity but very few know the ways to change that. We all miss the time for proper eating, for walking bare feet over the grass or for enjoying the loving company of our dear ones.

Ayurveda's basic principles are simple, elegant and easy to apply. If we want to live healthy, first we must look for the solutions in our lifestyle habits. Easy things like the time that we get up in the morning can have an incredible impact on how we feel.

Our body-mind-soul system is an intelligent field of energy in perfect union with the cosmos. However, when we don't live according to the subtleness of Nature, the communication with the Universe gets blocked and there is no access to the nectar of divine health. Ayurveda offers a wonderful -and very effective- alternative to restore and maintain the balance and luminosity of the Self. Dhanvantari's jar of amrita is always open for us.

In future posts I will write about many secrets of good living. Please leave a comment telling me what are your health concerns and issues so all of them can be addressed!

om shanti

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Jessica Presti:

Zaira, I'm very much looking forward to reading this. I think it's fascinating that you were able to spend time in ashrams as a girl. Tell me more about that! Much love, Jessie

Zaira Leal:

Jessie darling, so nice to be connected with you!! My childhood is a long story, fascinating and adventurous... Maybe one day over coffee somewhere in Spain? Much love to you, Anxo and your beautiful children. om shanti

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