love from the thief of hearts 26-06-2015

Rasa-Lila I f there is an image that has accompanied me during life is the "Rasa Lila", the sweet act of divine love. Interestingly, it hasn't been until recent that I have integrated one of its key messages.  

Rasa Lila represents one of god Krishna's favorite pastimes. As a youngster he loved to play the flute and fascinate the village girls. One night, the gopis (the milkmaids) heard the gentle melody of the murali and silently left their homes to meet at the most beautiful clear in the forest. They danced, played and let Krishna love them during a whole night that lasted billions of years.

Krishna and Radha are at the center of the image, but they are surrounded by the rest of the gopis also dancing with Krishna. During the longest time I couldn't  understand why Krishna seemed to have cloned himself and was dancing with all the girls at the same time. My human-woman's mind thought " ok, that is great, they are God and Goddess in the state of perfect union, but What the xxxx are the other doing there?!"

Radha represents the personal soul, the sense of I. She stands in the center because the human mind needs to feel special and unique, but the love that Krishna feels for her is as intense and unique as what he feels for the rest of the gopis. He doesn't exclude,  he holds all of them evenly and his flute symbolizes the liberation that comes from supreme love.

I have finally understood that devotional love happens both ways: from myself to life and from life to me. All my cells are soaked in the love that the divine feels towards me because the universe, god, consciousness or however you want to name it passionately loves each one of us. It is our number one fan, only desires the highest and gives us the best at any given moment.

The universe loves you, HARIBOL!!!

HARI = one of Krishna's names, meanining “thief of hearts”.

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