Loving mama Earth 20-02-2015


[dropcap type="circle" color="#CAFF91" background="#0087E0"]H ave you ever written a love letter? Have you ever written a love letter to mama Earth? I haven't... and it is time that globally we all become aware of how important she really is. Today, 5 ways of showing love to the Earth.  

Yoga is a path of harmony with Nature, of deep union with the pulsation of the planet. Do you know that the only two beings that vibrate exactly the same way are humans and the Earth? We owe our existence to her, all together we are part of her body, our hearts beat with hers, our skin are her valleys, trees and meadows, the blood that flows through our veins is part of her water, the fire that lights up our passion for living is the heat at her core.

If we want to survive happily in this plane of reality we must start by taking care of her in an attitude of reverence. There is no other option. It means that deep changes in lifestyle must be made, but it is in our hands and many of those shifts are easier to do than what we might think. It is time to say "no" to many social mistakes:

1. "no" to plastics > use cloth bags, glass containers and, as much as you can, avoid plastic packaging when you go shopping.

2. "no" to disproportionate use of fuels > try to move around by walking or bike, organize your life so the things that you do are walking distance.

3. "no" to massive consumerism > "yes" to purchasing objects that will last a lifetime, to take care of what you already have and to repair what is broken.

4. "no" to unconscious use of electricity > if you can't live with alternative sources of energy, unplug your appliances whenever they are not being used, turn off the lights, live during the day and sleep at night.

5. "no" to contribute with political forces that speed up the destruction of the ecosystem > it might be the time to act more seriously against the economical and political leaders that have put the love for power above the love for life.

May we commit to the Earth, to the Mother, to the Feminine...


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