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What do you do in the morning? Most people don't even think about how to start the day. In general, there is a rough start for everyone: the loud noise of the alarm clock. After that, all is a fast-paced and stressful run until you get to work or whatever place where you are expected.

Yoga and Ayurveda pay special attention to the first hours of the day because sunrise is the awakening of life, a wonderful time in which everything gets going after the resting period of the night. I am sure that you have realized that the birds start singing right before the sun comes out or you might have noticed that there is a different vibration in the air, or that the cells of your body seem to be happier, almost playful.

In this post I propose a new morning routine that will radically change your day, based on the wisdom of ayurveda and yoga. Letting go of old habits can take some time but, if you try for 21 days, it will be established in you life forever!

· The night before: go to sleep early (10:30 or 11pm) and when you get in bed review your day with a feeling of gratitude.

· As you wake up: try to do it without an alarm clock and before sunrise. Breathe gently before getting out of bed and contemplate the miracle of being alive.

· Purification:

1. inner cleansing: go to the bathroom. This is the time of the day when your body naturally wants to release what it doesn't need anymore. It is also when the energy in the lower abdomen flows down towards the Earth, following gravity. If you have difficulties going to the bathroom, try drinking a big cup of hot water upon awakening. It will help you with the purification process and it will hydrate you deeply.

2. outer cleansing: brush your teeth and your tongue really well. Brush your skin gently with an exfoliating glove and take a shower. It is also traditional to do a self massage called abhyanga, but I will explain that in another post.

3. yoga and meditation: stretch and move your body consciously during a few minutes. If you practice yoga regularly and you have time at this time of the day, do your practice. Meditating at sunrise is especially powerful. Some yogis call it "the hour of the nectar of life". The energy is light and a delicious peace will make the connection with your Self and the Universe easier.

· Now, you are ready for breakfast, preparing the lunchbox or taking the kids to school with a super smile.

This routine can be an incredible tool in your life. Let it grow within you organically. Practice it and you will feel healthy, in harmony with Nature and free from stress from morning to night.

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