Mothers & fathers of Light 16-09-2016 la-foto T he one in the photo is me (and Niamh) just a few hours after becoming a mother. Only some days ago she has turned thirteen and, even though at times I get dizzy from thinking about it, I know that I am prepared to let go and open up to a broader and more universal way of being a mommy. Next, you will find a practice that awakens the eternal mother/fatherhood and enhances the love for your children even when they are not physically present.

Choose a time of the day and a space in which you can be at peace. Light a candle and burn some incense to make it sacred. 

Sit comfortable and bring your attention to your breath. Allow your body to relax and your mind to be calm. After a few minutes you will feel present. 

Now place the palms of your hands on your energetic heart in the center of the chest and with closed eyes visualize how  a virtual space, big and circular is created emerging from your heart. See yourself and your children. In case that you are not a birth mother or father, see other children that might have a presence in your life. You are in a circle and your bodies are light, luminous and there is a sense of peace coming from all of you. The central channel that runs through your body from the sky through the crown and down to the pelvic floor and the Earth is open, awakened and full of life.  

There are other light channels that create connections among you all. When there are problems or conflicts in the everyday life, they show pre-existing blockages in those channels. Allow the high energy that flows through you to clear and purify the Light channels. 

Look into their eyes with love and breathe. Acknowledge the Self in each one of your children and observe how the light of the heart becomes stronger as there is a lift in the vibration of the sacred and circular space where you are. Continue breathing softly during five more minutes. Send them love and stay open to receive theirs. It is like sharing a subtle hug of unconditional, universal and free Love. 

 When you feel that it is the time to come back, take three deep breaths and feel your physical body on the Earth. Open your eyes, with the hands in prayer position chant OM one time to close the practice. 

May our children always feel our love and recognition. May this support them in the full development of their being on the Earth and in the transformative evolution of their soul.  


Inquiry into the deep meaning of "being mother" is part of Radiant Woman, program for the health of the body-mind-heart of women.

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