New alignment 29-05-2015

yoga_0169 I follow several blogs about conscious living and spirituality. This week it caught my attention that Mystic mamma highlights the theme of “New alignment”. I loved it! Both in my classes and my posts I talk quite a bit about transformation, cycles and evolutionary changes. My own practice and life also need constant realignment in order for me to channel more Light, Wisdom and Love. Many recent events show that we are indeed moving upwards in the Earth, but Are we really receptive to the new? Keep reading and you will find the keys...

When you change deeply it is common to feel uncomfortable because you find yourself different in the midst of normal life circumstances, sometimes it seems that you can hardly recognize yourself. It is best to stay open to the unknown because the way you were before feels already small on you, the same way as when you were a kid and your mother tried on you the previous Summer clothes... sandals were tight for your feet and the skirt's length was more appropriate for Mary Quant than for a six year old girl.

Keys for "being" in the new

Stay open, big time! Trust that your new alignment connects you with the channel of super powerful energy that makes you more compassionate, intelligent, jovial and prosper than ever. Despite the suffering in the world, things can be great. And your new personal alignment will benefit many people around you.

Ask yourself "Am I acting as I would have done it ten days ago?" If the answer is yes, pause and remind yourself that now you are functioning differently so release what is heavy and doesn't serve you anymore. When something does not "click" within your heart, let it go and open up to the new.

Your body is the receiving antenna. Give it the necessary time to recharge and integrate. Take care of it lovingly (it is the only thing that you have for the rest of your life!) and practice some form of responsible movement that will stretch it and move it in all directions and possible planes.

When in doubt, choose love. Your outer life (relationships, family, work, money, etc) will manifest according to your inner state of awareness.

Aham Prema

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