Diwali, Festival of the Inner Light, started last Tuesday" /> Diwali, Festival of the Inner Light, started last Tuesday" /> Diwali, Festival of the Inner Light, started last Tuesday" /> Diwali, Festival of the Inner Light, started last Tuesday"> new mind, new body, new life
new mind, new body, new life 16-11-2012

Diwali, Festival of the Inner Light, started last Tuesday. This year is not like any others because the new moon coincided with a total solar eclipse. The darkest night giving birth to the most beautiful light, the cycles of light and darkness alternating for eternity.  

Ayurveda, the science of health and longevity, tells us that everything in life is in constant renewal. The nigh follows the day, the seasons and the rhythms of the cosmic cycles of existence create change and evolution. Almost the totality of billions of cells that build our bodies are new every year.

Yoga and Ayurveda, as sister disciplines, coincide in saying that the matter in our body has its origin in the way that we think and in our believe systems, that is, our mind. 

This past Tuesday the strong rains, winds and storms announced the beginning of a period of time specially auspicious to purify the body as well as the mind. The merging of the new moon and solar eclipse has opened an energetic space in which we can review, heal and let go of everything in ourselves that belongs to the past. We are very fortunate because from this point in time to December 21st we have been given the opportunity to undergo the deepest inner cleansing that we have ever experience as souls in our journey on the Earth.

In order for the new evolutionary stage to arise, it is necessary that we live consciously this renewal process. Listen to your soul and to Spirit. Here are some easy recommendations that you can practice anytime:

 1. breathe: stay centered in your breath through the day, making it as deep and as soft as possible.

2. be the witness: observe what you are experiencing and be a witness of what you feel moment by moment. Look at yourself with loving eyes, there is no need to judge. Let go of your old ways of looking at the world.

3. meditate: twice a day pause, close your eyes and meditate with the intention of opening yourself to the eternal and infinite. Commune with the divine.

4. simplify: simplify your daily routine and your diet. Spend time in Nature and try to practice yoga everyday.

5. celebrate: each little piece of life is a gift from the cosmos, feel infinite gratitude for being here.


Asato ma sadgamaya

Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya

mrityorma amrtam gamaya

OM Shanti, shanti, shanti 


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