Nutella Days 01-01-2016 imgres-1 A new year makes its debut. So exciting! I celebrate it today telling you about my special resolution: 2016 is "my" year, I am dedicating it to myself over anything else because in this lifetime is good to honor oneself a little or better yet, a lot! Particularly when you have a trajectory like mine. Keep reading and you will find out what are "Nutella days" and why they are important. It started one lazy Sunday afternoon when, after a long inner battle between the good and the bad, I saw myself standing in the kitchen, taking out of the pantry the sandwich bread and spreading a generous amount of delicious chocolate cream on it. Mmmmm, I was liking my fingers as a little girl :) Normally I would have felt guilty, but this time I was just enjoying the pleasures of the sugars, the creamy textures in my mouth and the childhood memories that came up with every bite. I know that I am a living example of how to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is what resonates with me and it comes naturally, but there is a dark side to it: from time to time I can be too rigid with myself, it is like having your own inner Miss Rottenmeier.  It happens that this attitude is not very spiritual. My teacher used to tell us that when you work with discipline and live aware and conscious, it is important to dedicate one day of the week to treat yourself to anything you fancy, not as an act of indulgence, but as a way of honoring yourself and softening the edges. I call that a "Nutella day", the day to step out of the routine and do something that sweetens and regenerates you, even if they are not considered "right". There is a big difference between this and surrendering to all kinds of hedonistic pleasures fed by the idea that everything goes. It is a reality that there is nothing good or bad in the Universe, what we have is endless choosing possibilities and a teaching behind everyone of them. In my case, that event that I was talking to you about helped me to take one more step in the process of transforming the seriousness of fierce discipline. Rigidity and being too self-demanding are limiting because they lack compassion, flexibility and celebration. Also, if you consider your body-mind-heart as sacred, listening and feeling it should always be the priority in your path of personal evolution. Probably I will not eat too many Nutella sandwiches in 2016 because they don't really excite me (I could make a tray of my divine brownies instead, hehe), but I do commit to listening to my body-mind-heart and to treat myself with the highest respect and love, giving myself what I need moment by moment. When I was a little girl we took sweets to Krishna. Ganesha, as another example, is honored by the devotees with laddus (ball shaped sweets typical from India). This year I offer the sweets to myself in the form of resting time in Nature, enriching readings, practice, the hours of sleep that I need, nourishing foods, tons of love, many wonderful experiences that I can't even imagine now and abundant whims as well, why not? What is your resolution? Share it in the comments below, I would love to hear about it!

Super joyful & prosper 2016 for all!

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Nutella days are true gifts for the Heart... And I experienced that taking the good care for myself builds up so much compassion and Love for those around me... Generosity ( acted out in mindful way) celebrates life and fills up life with joy from inside... Like chocolate cream melting all inner struggles and obstacles leaving your day with sweetness... Lots of Nutella Love for 2016 ❤️❤️❤️Corinna


Thank you, dear Corinna! You are a Nutella Days Queen, with your huge heart that embraces all of us, your sweet smile and spicy attitude towards life. Your presence is a delight. May love fill your days!!!

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