Om Mothers Om 03-05-2013


Ya devi sarva bhuteshu, Shakti rupena samstitha. Namastasyai, namastasyai, namastasyai namo namah
Devi Mahatmya
O Supreme Mother, who abides in all beings in the form of the Mother. I bow to you again and again 

I love celebrations and Sunday is Mother's Day in Spain, that's why I wanted this post to enlighten the essence of this beautiful day. Tantra Yoga traditions are very rich when it comes to the divine feminine and they tell us that there are earthly mothers, universal mothers and, of course, the Divine Mother of all. Every woman (men too!) holds a little bit of all of them within, the energy and information of the mothers run through our veins since the beginning of time. The human body is formed almost exclusively from the mother's physical matter and when our children are born we realize that there is a chain of Light, as a river that links us to previous female generations, channeling their dedication, surrender and unconditional love.

The question today is: How are we manifesting the spirit of the Mother? I hear the news often and they make me think that in some ways we have sent the Dive Mother into the exile... Have we thrown Her out of our hearts and our wombs?

I offer some easy recommendations so you can recover and expand the energy of the Mother in three different dimensions:

1. You can review and transform the relationship with your earthly mother: write down all the "stuff" that interferes between you and your mother, the woman that gave you your body and your life (and a million other things!). Do a little ritual of purification. Break the paper into pieces and burn it with the intention of letting go of all those stories once and for all. Call your mom afterwards, buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers and offer your honest gratitude to her.

2. Discover how within you dwell the universal mothers, independently from having children or not: love the totality of existence, love the Earth and love yourself. Protect all aspects of life, recicle, be a conscious consumer, and put the feet on the ground by walking barefoot for a few minutes every day.

3. Open yourself to the Grace of the Divine Mother: let yourself be embraced by her loving smile, let her support you and protect you along your path. She is the universal matrix and the Grace that helps us flow with the currents of life.

May we celebrate all the mothers. Creative and creators, lovers and loving, optimistic, vital and passionate. Spain is a country where we have kept alive the beautiful tradition of devotion towards the divine feminine. The image of this post shows Yashoda with baby Krishna in her arms. She embodies the essence of the mother, something like our Mary: protector, nourisher, patient and radiating her intoxicating sweetness. I bow.

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