Perpetual renewal 13-03-2015

renewal A s part of my rituals every morning I take out an angel symbol card. In it I find a deeper message to contemplate and I love that way of starting the day. Today, it was Renewal. So suitable for March! Support the natural perpetual renewal of your being with these easy to do tips:

The dictionary says that "renewal" means to give energy to something or to transform it. It also defines it as returning the strength or energy to something. One Ayurvedic precept states that the human body has a series of highly intelligent mechanisms that help it to renew itself completely every so often, but for this to happen we must create the right circumstances (you can't stuff yourself with junk food, lead a stressful life or being in front of a screen until 1 am).

1st Think about yourself as a changing process instead of as a fixed, immutable thing. The body that you are right now is not the same person that existed five minutes ago.

2nd Allow yourself to change your mind, transform the ways you look at life and your habits. You might resonate with stuff that was unthinkable a year ago. Awesome! Open up to the change and you will be honoring life, here and now.

3rd Have fun! Choose one of the following activities for each day and do it:

  • receive an massage
  • take a yoga class
  • meditate
  • consciously relax
  • set an appointment for a Lifestyle and health consultation
  • nurture yourself with harmonious foods
  • say good-bye to something that doesn't serve you anymore

4th Stop measuring your life in chronological years because time doesn't exist.

The results of renewal will be visible: a radiant, elastic and strong body; a clear, sharp and peaceful mind; and a luminous, joyful and enthusiastic heart.

As the saying goes "Renew or die ;)" In what ways do you recycle yourself? Share below, if you please.

Om Shanti

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