Plans or intuition 27-01-2017

Brain hemispheres sketch D o you know what you are going to be when you grow up? I don't. Have you ever sat with a business strategist that has asked you about your long term plans? I have and even though my capacity to visualize is superb, the only thing that has appeared in my mind is a white, opaque cloud. In the month when we set our new year's resolutions, the Drops of Light highlight the difference between drawing plans or being guided by intuition because not everyone's minds work the same.

Strategic planning is governed by the activity of the left hemisphere of the brain and is related to the most analytical, rational and logical functions of the mind. It establishes a straight line path from a starting point to the realization of an specific goal. This part of the mind analyzes a situation and creates a series of steps that lead towards its goal.

On the other hand, we can let ourselves be guided by intuition. This is the work of the right hemisphere of the brain and it is related to imagination, creativity and the artistic aspects of the mind. A mind dominated by the right hemisphere activity tends to be guided by feelings, creates curvy ways in its life's plan and the steps to follow are shown as it moves along.

Even though this two ways of acting are complementaries and do not oppose each other, most women feel more comfortable working with intuition, it is our inner navigation system. Creating rigid plans or controlling the realization of our dreams are of little use to many of us. Unfortunately, the educational system and the social establishment applaud the opposite.

The Radiant Woman workshop restores your relationship with your feminine intelligence, which is what awakens your capacity to perceive without the need of logical reasoning. Then your start trusting again and letting the currents of life to take you because you know that intuition keeps you connected to your inner universal wisdom.

"if you want to make God laugh, tell him about you plans" Woody Allen

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